Computer problems?
    Getting error messages?
    Computer running too slowly?
    Ready to throw it out the window?
    Thinking of buying a new one instead of dealing with this one?

    HOLD ON...

    Now, by popular request...

    brings you Clean & Clear Self-Serve...

That's right!  JUST RELEASED!  We've taken our Clean & Clear Lite, Standard, and Plus services and pulled portions from each of them to give you quite a bit of information to work with to deal with your own computer issues, with savings up to $110 over what you'd pay us to do the work for you!


    RETAIL PRICE:  $39.99


    YOUR COST $19.99


    What is Clean & Clear?

    Our Clean & Clear service was created to improve PC performance. The steps we take (or in the case of Self-Serve, the steps YOU take) will clean up settings that may be making your computer run slower, and clear out villains like Spyware and viruses. We provide global remote support as long as you're connected to the Internet.  When you purchase a technician guided service, you’ll be able to watch the whole process if you desire, and we’ll never have to enter your home to provide the service. You’ll visit our website, and with a couple of clicks, we’ll be on your PC as if we were sitting next to you. When we’re done, we exit your PC and can’t get back into it unless you specifically open the door for us.

    Every computer needs a tune-up once in a while in order to help keep it running properly. Diversified Technical Support has an assortment of software programs as well as a set of detailed tasks that have been combined together to accomplish the goal of making computers function more efficiently. Have you noticed a slowdown in computer performance? Are you receiving error messages? Annoying pop-up advertisements? Try our Clean & Clear service to see if that cures the problem. We also offer light level technical support for a variety of computer problems. We are able to work on computers anywhere in the world with our remote access service. Why go through the hassle of dismantling your computer to take it somewhere for service or let a stranger into your house when many computer issues can be solved remotely? With our state of the art secure technology, we don’t have to be there to accomplish most tasks. You’re saving money automatically by not having to pay for a trip charge!


    Why would we offer a Self-Serve product?

    The economy sparked the creation of the Self-Serve product.  We reduced our prices when the economy started going sour, but for some of our clients, that wasn't enough.  Many of you NEED your computers now more than ever while you are searching for a new job, or researching information to help you make it through the economic turmoil, or just to keep up on your finances up to the minute.  Unfortunately, even with our price reductions, many people still can't afford our services, and although we'd love to discount them further, we can't!  If we did that, we wouldn't be able to pay our own expenses and we'd just add to the economic turmoil.  The solution?  Clean & Clear Self-Serve.  Now you have the power to deal with the greatest bulk of the services we provide through the Clean & Clear products without our intervention.  That keeps our costs down when we don't have to involve a technician, and we're able to pass that savings right on to you.  It's a win-win for everyone!

    How many of your technicians will lose their jobs now that you're added Self-Serve?

    Don't worry, you're not putting a technician out of work by purchasing Clean & Clear Self-Serve.  If anything, you're strengthening our company while strengthening your wallet at the same time!  This is an excellent way to keep everyone happy at the same time!

    Will you pull the Self-Serve option once the economy strengthens again?

    No, but like our other services, it is currently under-priced, so eventually we'll need to raise the cost along with all of our other fees.  Take advantage of it while the prices are at their lowest!

    Do I get EVERYTHING in the Self-Serve product that I get if you do the work instead?

    No, not everything.  We do, however, give you detailed instructions to two of the software programs we use regularly with our clients, which you get to keep on your computer free of charge.  We also detail out several things you MUST know about maintaining your computer that are essential to smoother operation.  We're basically loading you up with everything that can be safely taught outside of the technician "world" with minimal risk of creating any harm to your computer.  When you purchase (or upgrade) the Clean & Clear products that involve technician intervention, we perform several other detailed tasks as well.  However, in testing the waters, we find that many people can get by with the Self-Serve product.

    What if I need your help following the instructions?

    If you have basic questions, we'll answer them for free as it pertains to the information you will receive  However, if it becomes apparent that your computer issues rise above the capacity of your purchase, we may recommend upgrading to a technician guided version of Clean & Clear, or recommend proceeding with other solutions.  If you upgrade to another Clean & Clear product after purchasing Clean & Clear Self-Serve, we will credit the amount you pay for the Self-Serve product toward the purchase of another Clean & Clear Service.

    OK, so what do I get exactly?

    You will receive a 26 page PDF manual through download (or for an additional $1.99 you can have a CD mailed to you.  Ask us about the book version as well.)  The manual will give you detailed instructions on the processes you will follow to (hopefully) get your computer running smoothly again.  You'll also have the links to the software programs to download along with detailed instructions on how to go about it.

    Why don't you send the software I am purchasing at the same time?

    OK, let's make sure this is clear... You are NOT purchasing any software from us.  The software we are making available to you comes FREE OF CHARGE.  The detailed instructions on operating and installing those programs along with other educational information for computer maintenance and safety is also included.  The only reason we don't include the software, but rather the links to it instead, is because the developers are CONSTANTLY updating and upgrading these software programs, which is another great reason we use them.  By sending you to the link, you'll have the most up to date version accessible to you... and you will be able to update it as new upgrades come out!  The software is FREE!

    Are there any other perks to purchasing from you?

    You bet!  You will receive LIFETIME savings on ALL of our services over and above any discounts that the general public can participate in.  You'll always save more!  Details are included within the materials you'll download.  Plus, you can also make 15% commission on all services we sell to your referrals, and it costs you nothing to be an affiliate!

    What's the catch?

    No catch... But you do have to buy Clean & Clear Self-Serve if you want to make all this reading you've done pay off.  You'll have more reading to do after you make your purchase, but that's the fun reading because you're reading as you're fixing!

    Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

    Don't worry, you should like it just fine, but like with most digital goods, once you have them, there's no way to return them because they were delivered electronically (which is still the same effect if we mail the CD to you.  It is still a digital product.)  So the bad news is NO, you can't return it, but the good news is that we will credit the full amount (less shipping if you choose CD delivery) toward an upgrade to Clean & Clear Lite, Standard, or Plus if you determine you don't want to do this on your own or that your needs exceed what is being offered here.  JUST RETAIN YOUR TRANSACTION ID because this offer doesn't expire.  You can purchase the Clean & Clear Self-Serve product today and a year from now decide to upgrade, and we'll still credit the price you pay today toward the upgrade.  How many companies offer upgrades with terms like that?  Not many!!

    If you make updates to the information, can I have an updated copy?

    Yes, absolutely.  No extra charge for digital delivery updates.  If you elect to have the updates delivered by mailed CD, you'll just pay $1.99 or the then current shipping & handling charge.

    OK, I'm ready!  How do I purchase Clean & Clear Self-Serve?

    Simply choose your delivery method and purchase through PayPal below.

    Choose Your Delivery Method:


    If you are uncomfortable using this safe & secure payment gateway and would rather be invoiced through Google Payments or Amazon Payments, please contact us with your request along with the email address you'd like us to send the invoice to.

    Not so fast!  I don't want to do this myself.  What else can you offer me?

    Self-Serve is not for everyone, and that's why we have technician provided Clean & Clear services as well as other computer support services available to you provided by a technician.  Simply click the SERVICES tab from the menu above and check out everything else we offer.  Click CONTACT US from the menu above.  Depending on your needs, you may not need to make a purchase from our website in advance of speaking to a technician.  If the technician determines you purchased the wrong service, no problem... we'll get everything squared away so you're only paying for the services you need!  Our Customer Service standards are stellar and we work very hard to be sure our clients are happy!  We always have some sort of promotional discount available on our site as well... (Click PROMOTIONS from the menu above) and remember, when you purchase the Clean & Clear Self-Serve product, you'll qualify for LIFETIME savings on all future services.

    Please note, this is a SPECIAL pricing offer. The cost is planned to be $39.99.  During the introductory period, we are giving you $20 off and selling this product to you for a mere $19.99...


    Contact us with any questions.

    Thanks for your interest!

    Choose Your Delivery Method:


    Prefer the book version? It's more expensive as it does not qualify for this special pricing (although it has been discounted somewhat)... and is exactly the same as the digital and CD version, but some people would rather have a book, and we understand that, so we've published one and it's available for purchase directly through Amazon.Com at the following URL: CLICK HERE!

    7% Sales Tax will be charged to Indiana residents. In addition to PayPal, we also accept payments through Google Payments and Amazon Payments. Ask for details.

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