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Remote Access Instructions
If you've been asked to visit this page by your Diversified Technical Support Representative, we're ready to access your computer remotely so we can address your computer concerns. After you have read this information completely, please click the link that follows to allow us to connect to your computer.

Once you click the link, you'll need to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.  You need to click the necessary authorizations and/or allow the necessary plugins to be installed as they are asked of you or we can't connect.

You'll won't actually be installing any software on your computer, but rather allowing a browser plugin to be installed. This will allow us to connect to your computer using a fully certified and licensed program that will allow us temporary access and shared control over your PC. Our ability to access your computer will AUTOMATICALLY terminate when you click the EXIT option or close your Internet browser, or when we disconnect the session at our end. You have the option to end the session at any time. Once we exit, we can't access your computer again without you following the activation process each time.

You'll be able to watch everything we do, and can even chat with us through the built in messenger. You'll need to be near your telephone in case we need to speak with you during the process. If we're connecting to your computer through your dial-up connection, please have a cell phone handy. You don't HAVE to sit here and watch us if you have other things to do, but please do not leave your house or office until we've completed the process. If you do have to leave, we may need to stop your session and schedule a time and date to resume.

Do NOT click "Hide this dialog" until your representative says it is fine do to so.  This allows us to authenticate your session before we connect to your computer, and guarantees that we're connecting to the correct computer.

If you have any problems loading the software, please call us at 219-472-1571 and press 0 from the main menu for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Your representative is waiting for you to connect now. If this is not a good time, please notify us immediately so we can set a new appointment for you. If you wait too long to connect, another client may end up ahead of you.  We reserve the right to charge a $49 Remote Services cancellation fee which will be deducted from your refund if you elect to cancel your remote session and/or do not reschedule an appointment within a reasonable time, which can be applied toward a new purchase of services through us within six months of original purchase date.

Please click below when you're ready to connect!

I agree to all Terms of Use.  Click here to connect.

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